Conservative & Unashamed

Liberals believe government and spending are the answer. THEY ARE WRONG! It’s up to us, through our faith and conservative principles, to turn our economy and Nation around.

Over the last few years, I’ve been through a major transition. I accepted our Lord as my personal Savior and committed myself to my faith. The way I view the world has changed.

The reality is that liberal policies of big government and spending do not work—they make things worse.

That’s why I have been working to put our faith and conservative values into action. 

To protect life, I authored and passed legislation that will end barbaric late term abortions.

To limit government and cut spending, I have supported budgets in the Legislature that have cut billions of dollars in government spending.

While Obama has passed out more food stamps and welfare, I have sponsored legislations that would require mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients.

And I am currently supporting efforts to reform and lower taxes and end burdensome regulations in order to attract new jobs and help our current businesses grow and expand.

My faith and support of conservative legislation has led to vicious attacks from liberal Democrats and even some Republicans, but I don’t care. I will fight the good fight for our values. I am conservative and unashamed.

Thank you and God Bless.

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